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Masters of Horrors 2nd Season (2006) HDTVRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

 ажда€ сери€ фильма представл€ет из себ€ отдельную историю и кажда€ сери€ сн€та разными режиссерами, включа€ таких мастеров жанра, как  арпентер, ƒанте, јрдженто и других... ”никальный, крайне интересный проект, который стал реальностью благодар€ усили€м ћика √арриса, который стал его автором и продюссером. –ецепт прост - берутс€ легендарные режиссеры ужасов, каждый из которых оставил значительный след в истории жанра. ƒаетс€ им равный бюджет (1,5 миллиона долларов), не слишком большой, но достаточный дл€ самореализации.  ажда€ сери€ фильма представл€ет из себ€ отдельную историю и кажда€ сери€ сн€та разными режиссерами, включа€ таких мастеров жанра, как  арпентер, ƒанте, јрдженто и других... ”никальный, крайне интересный проект, который стал реальностью благодар€ усили€м ћика √арриса, который стал его автором и продюссером.

—татус: Ёпизод 4
„итать дальше 24.11.2006 10:46 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

The Garden (2005) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

Sam (Adam Taylor Gordon) is a young boy with big problems: He has bad dreams, he cuts himself, and heТs just been released from a mental hospital. But when he and his recovering alcoholic father (Brian Wimmer) are forced to stay on a ranch owned by the mysterious Ben Zachary , SamТs nightmares become all too real. On this placid land, the dead walk, evil is alive and a terrifying prophecy may unleash the final apocalypse. As the suffering of the innocent takes root, will the taste of temptation lead Sam to the most shocking act of all? Claudia Christian and Sean Young co-star in this provocative horror thriller about the battle for the soul of mankind that begins Ц and ends Ц in THE GARDEN.

„итать дальше 24.11.2006 10:10 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

Ils (2006) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

Lucas and Clementine lives peacefully in there house but one night they wake up... As strange noise... They're not alone...

ќт режисеров ѕилы 4
„итать дальше 24.11.2006 09:59 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

The United States of Leland (2003) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

Soft-spoken 15-year old Leland Fitzgerald (Gosling) commits a seemingly senseless murder that shocks his community, affecting both his victim's family and his own. Arrested and imprisoned in a juvenile detention facility, Leland comes in contact with an aspiring writer and prison teacher, Pearl Madison (Cheadle). As Pearl delves into the mystery of Leland's crime, he also sees the chance for a career-making book as the boy's estranged father is the world-renowned author, Albert Fitzgerald (Spacey).

„итать дальше 22.11.2006 10:31 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

Another Stakeout (1993) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

A witness against the Mafia is being secretly held till the trial when a violent attempt against her is made that kills several of her guards. She disappears and Bill and Chris are sent to another stakeout. This one is arranged by the D.A.'s office and comes with Gina (and her pet Rottweiler) who is to keep an eye on them since the observation post is a vacation resort community in the home of a judge. Bill and Chris are annoyed and are every bit as childish as before.

„итать дальше 22.11.2006 10:13 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

My Own Private Idaho (1991) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

This road will never end. It probably goes all around the world. Wherever, whatever, have a nice day. Whatever it takes to have a nice day. It's not where you go, it's how you get there.
Surreal character study focusing on the friendship between two male hustlers, Mike and Scott, in Portland, Oregon. They live on the streets, do drugs, and sell themselves to men and women. Mike (River Phoenix) is quiet, gay and suffers from narcolepsy. Abandoned as a child, he is obsessed with finding his long-lost mother. Scott (Keanu Reeves) is the rebellious son of a high-ranking family, who lives this life mostly to embarrass his father. Mike is in love with Scott, who still maintains he is straight and insists that his wild lifestyle on the streets is only temporary. Together, they embark on a quest to find Mike's mother, traveling from Portland to Idaho to Italy, with Scott picking up a beautiful girl along the way.

„итать дальше 21.11.2006 10:37 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

Blackwater Valley Exorcism (2006) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

Emotionally disturbed Isabelle is locked in a fierce battle with a vicious demon that's hell-bent on owning her soul. Desperate to bring her back from the tangle of evil, her family calls on Jacob, the troubled local priest, to perform an exorcism. In a race against time and terror, he must wrestle his own dark demons before he can save Isabelle. But she isn't the only one who needs saving...

„итать дальше 21.11.2006 10:01 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

Zoolander (2001) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

Male supermodel Derek Zoolander is on his way down after three years of continuously winning the "Male Model of the Year" award. When he is beaten by the hot newcomer Hansel, Derek starts searching for a new meaning in his life. Just then fashion czar Mugatu offers Derek a comeback in his new "Derelicte"-line. What nobody suspected is that Mugatu plans to assassinate the new Malaysian Prime Minister on his visit to New York, so that cheap child labor is still available for Mugatu's fashion producing. By brainwashing Zoolander, Mugatu and his evil associate Katinka create a dumb and willing killer to do the job. Only in Time Magazine journalist Matilda suspicion arises slowly, and she tries to stop Derek.

„итать дальше 20.11.2006 10:04 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

Star Wars Episode I: Fantom Menace (1999) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

When the evil Trade Federation plots to take over the peaceful planet of Naboo, Jedi warrior Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi embark on an amazing adventure to save the planet. With them on their journey is the young queen Amidala, Gungan outcast JarJar Binks, and the powerful Captain Panaka, who will all travel to the faraway planets of Tatooine and Coruscant in a futile attempt to save their world from Darth Sidious, leader of the Trade Federation, and Darth Maul, the strongest Dark Lord of the Sith to ever wield a lightsaber

„итать дальше 20.11.2006 09:50 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

Empire Records (1995) DVDRip | ‘ильмы в оригинале

Empire Records is going to be turned into a Music Town. It is up to the wacky employees to figure out a way to raise enough money to help their boss Joe keep the store from changing hands. They also deal with problems amongst themselves, love, and a has-been spoiled rock star named Rex Manning.

„итать дальше 20.11.2006 09:33 | јвтор: Septic_Flesh

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